Fuel and Engines

Narrowboat diesel engine maintenance

Powerpoint presentations, handouts, troubleshooting charts used on Calderdale Boaters 2008 Skillshare weekend can be found below as attachments.

Toolkit.doc24 KB
4Stroke_cycle.doc192 KB
Principles of the Compression Engine.ppt958.5 KB
Oil.ppt35.5 KB
diesel_troubleshooting.pdf95.88 KB
Engine overheats.pdf50.08 KB
Smoky exhaust.pdf80.55 KB
Won't start.pdf149.98 KB


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red diesel

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I couldn't believe the peddle video!! I have actually been thinking about using peddle power myself! Awesome to see it can be done.

biodiesel production

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Pedal Powered Narrowboat...

Have a look at this I came across on You Tube. The ultimate in low impact boat travel.... http://b1ke.wordpress.com/2009/12/10/peddle-powered-narrowboat/.

Pedal Powered Narrowboat (revisited...)

Please ignore the link to the pedal-powered narrowboat above, it doesn't work - try this one instead http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-a4upnYn_j8. Worth seeing - carbon free and pretty ingenious.