Cleaning your hull

Every now and again even the scruffies hippy boat needs a clean...

  • Commercial car and boat cleaners are usually based on detergents which can contain phosphates. Phosphates can cause local oxygen depletions and may result in the localised suffocation of aquatic life.
  • Products used on boat hulls and decks may contain chlorine, ammonia, potassium hydroxide and solvents, all harmful to the aquatic environment
  • Degreasers dry the natural oils that fish need for their gills to take in oxygen
  • Most cleaning products contain chemicals (hormone disrupters) which disrupt the reproductive cycle of fish


  • If you use cleaning products select environmentally sensitive ones - Bio-D or Clearspring are available from health food stores and are relatively environmentally friendly.
  • Ideally use fresh water or non-toxic solutions to clean your boat wherever possible – see the list of alternatives in the Hygiene and Cleaning section.


Painful hips and back

I don't really like cleaning, not because I'm lazy but because I suffer from chronic back pain. There are times that it's just excruciating, I can't even stand anymore. That's why I end up hiring someone to clean my boat for me. See this to know how I'm treating my lower back pain.

Cleaning your hull - a non-toxic product?

Have a look at Fertan. Mfrs website says:
"Fertan is a complex, patented tannic acid, water based non toxic product. It offers exceptional protection against rust despite being environmentally friendly. Isocyanates and high volatiles are not necessary so we don't use them."