Welcome to LILO - Low Impact Life Onboard

Welcome to the LILO website!

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The LILO website is where you'll find information about the eco-boating community in Britain, as well as the LILO Handbook.

Our Handbook is a guide and resource manual to low impact life on board. It's co-written by anyone who has something to contribute - whether it's personal experience, a tip on where to find eco-products or designs for a new biodiesel reactor. Please help out with this growing 'knowledgebase' by logging on and clicking on EDIT at the top of the page you want to add to!

If you're wondering what life on board is like then have a look at A London Story - a description of living on board, with lots of pictures.

lilo stickerWant to help spread the word about www.lilo.org.uk? You can download and print out our logo - cunningly designed to fit into those licence holders you get off BW. If anyone fancies making a better leaflet or even a poster then we'd love to hear from you!


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What is Low Impact Life Onboard?

LILO is a banner to link together Low Impact boater communities in the UK. It's not an organisation or group, but we do share the LILO Principles (below).

If you agree with the principles then you can be part of LILO - maybe you want to form a local LILO group to exchange ideas and support with other Low Impact boaters.

LILO groups are free to act and speak autonomously for themselves because none of us "speak for" LILO nationally - it is simply a banner for us to share. As local groups, though, we can make our voices heard.

LILO Principles

  1. LILO boaters acknowledge the fundamental interconnectedness of the earth and all living things. We aim to live sustainably, carefully considering the impact of our choices on the world around us.
    Specifically, we aim to:
    • use environmentally friendly alternatives for things such as cleaning and boat loos;
    • use waste oil derived biofuels instead of fossil fuels;
    • use wood and charcoal from sustainable local sources rather than coke, coal and other fossil fuels;
    • use alternative technologies such as wind and solar power, while being aware of the resources required in the production of these;
    • recycle and compost to minimise landfill waste;
    • explore food-growing options for boaters;
    • use local, fair-trade, organic, recycled, and otherwise ethical goods as much as possible, for everything from food to building materials.
  2. LILO boaters see all people as equal, regardless of race, age, ability, gender, sexual orientation etc. LILO is open to anyone who agrees with LILO principles. Diversity makes us strong!
  3. LILO boaters work without hierachies, aiming to empower all participants. Information and skills are shared, and we aim to make decisions by consensus.
  4. LILO boaters aim to interact positively with their surroundings, taking care of the canal environment and making links with local communities and neighbours.
  5. LILO boaters consider that they continue the historical traditions of the waterways in various ways, such as by living low-impact, by bringing up families on boats, and by supporting each other as a travelling community.
  6. LILO boaters demand recognition of boaters living simply - as a diverse community to be celebrated, respected, and seen as an example for the wider waterways world, and society in general.